Digital Foci is the set of points where you enjoy and manage all of your digital content. Digital represents all of the different forms of digital media and data you use everyday. Foci (pronounced “foe-sigh”) is the plural form of the word ‘focus’ and symbolizes the many distinct points where light and sound converge and diverge. It is at these digital focus points, these foci, where you view and share your digital photos, watch your digital video, listen to your digital music, and access your digital files. The treatment Generic Cialis Online (Tadalafil) - a drug that treats the cause of potency disorders. Tadalafil (Cialis 20mg) helps to restore the permeability of blood vessels and increase libido. After cessation of treatment increased potency is maintained up to six months. Click here to see more: Digital Foci - Home
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Picture Porter Advanced

Picture Porter Advanced
Portable Storage Viewers up to 1TB capacity. Backup, View, Store, Organize.

Photo Safe II OTG

Photo Safe II OTG with SD card

500GB Portable Photo Storage. Back up directly from CF, SD, SDHC, MS Duo.

D-Light Box

Digital Foci | D-Light Box
8" Portable Photo Album

Solar Porter 12

Digital Foci | Solar Porter 12
12W Porter Solar Charger for mobile devices

Battery Porter 12000

BTP-122 Angled front LED 250x13612000mAh External Battery Charger for mobile devices

Battery Porter 8000

Digital Foci | Battery Porter 80008000mAh External Battery Charger for mobile devices

Battery Porter 5200

Digital Foci | Battery Porter 52005200mAh External Battery Chargers for mobile devices

Universal Battery Charger

Digital Foci | Universal Battery ChargerCharger for 3.6 ~ 7.4V Li-Ion batteries